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The subway and bus lines

Exhibition Center North

Exhibition Center

Metro Line 4, line 1,
bus lines?15, 50, 56, 64,, 80, 109, 211, 235, 371, 374, 375, K578, airport 9

Exhibition Center East

Fuhua three intersection

Bus lines?3、15、33、34、50、60、64、221、235、371、374、K113、the peak line④

Exhibition Center East

Exhibition Center East

Bus lines?34、K113

Exhibition Center South

Huang Gang Village North

Bus lines?229、337、353、369、382

Exhibition Center South

Exhibition Center South

Bus lines?229、337、338、369、382、J1

Exhibition Center West

Middle Yitian Road

Bus lines?15、64、71、73、76、80、235、374、398

How to get to Shenzhen from Hongkong airport?

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