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Exhibition Exposition: ISRE works with over 200+ major medias from various industries, such as logistic, automation, finance, retail, library, apparel, medical care, military, automobile, aerospace, agriculture, and etc, to give ISHE continuous reporting coverage both online and offline.

Exhibitors Exposition:One month before the opening of exhibition, Name, booth No and company profile of the exhibitors will be presented on Lezhiot , which are the most popular website focusing on smart hardware and smart home in China, to attract more visitors to pay attention to the show.

Interview on site:Ulink Media will work with major medias to organize a interviewing & reporting team, to give exhibitors and its exhibits a comprehensive report.

Total Exposition:Ulink Media、Leziot、IOTE Exhibition、ISHE Exhibition,and other coperation mdia will bring the totle expositon over 5 millions media exposure.

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